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When milliseconds count you can always count on Dark Deer TM

Dark Deer timing equipment is very small and light, affordable yet accurate to within 1/100th of a second, sending the results to clearly visible LED matrix display panels giving you the flexibility and reliability that you need in order to enjoy your event. Dark Deer timing equipment meets national event standards giving you access to high-end equipment while remaining affordable.

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Using a sophisticated wireless design Dark Deer timers have been developed with absolute simplicity in mind while still offering you all the features that you and the industry need. Results can be displayed on an LED screen of any size.

Using innovative gate technology timers are aligned in seconds and have a simple interface for ease of use.

Dark Deer Timers are portable and can be relocated and positioned as your course requirements change during the day. These timing systems have been extensively field tested and are built to last which is why Dark Deer are happy to offer you a free 12 month warranty wherever you are in the world. You can extend your warranty indefinitely if you would like the extra peace of mind and support.

"We used Dark Deer timing in the main International Arena at Blair Athol International Horse Trials. The timing was professional and very easy to set up."

BS Course Designer for Blair Athol International Horse Trials

"Having used Dark Deer Timers for... Showjumping and ... eventing, I found it very easy to set up and the working of it to be very reliable... highly recommend."

Level 4 (Median) Course Designer, Level 2 (1*) Judge - John Ormiston

"I was very impressed... such an easy set of equipment to use... sensibly priced... I would happily recommend to anyone."

BS Level 4 (Median) Course Designer - Diane Beaumont
Basic Features: The gate is made up of one transmitter and one receiver which can be up to 50 metres apart and can still be aligned quickly. It is also possible to cross their beams when using two sets of gates and this can give the course designer much more flexibility. The maximum distance between your receiver gate and your control panel should be no more than 150 metres; which is suitable for the biggest competitions. The gates are supplied with your initial purchase and can also be bought as an add-on to the standard set up for customers who wish to run single and two phase events. Confused?
How it works: A traditional timer uses a transmitter to send an infra-red beam which will be broken by a moving object. The infra-red beam is positioned across the moving object's path to a reflector as shown in the diagram below. The reflector sends the beam back to a detector in the transmitter box. When the moving object breaks the beam, the detector sends a signal to the control unit and the time lapsed is recorded. The reflectors have to be aligned so that the narrow beam hits the detector exactly after being reflected. It is like trying to focus a light onto a small spot with a mirror but because it is infra-red, you cannot see the light. This makes set up and maintenance tricky. Especially if the mirror is 30 metres from the spot that you are trying to hit! It is not surprising that this can take time to align. The secret to Dark Deers ease of use is in the super simple set up. Dark Deer timers are fundamentally different by design. A Dark Deer timer has a separate transmitter and receiver... There is no reflector to sync at all!

The Dark Deer transmitter sends out an infra-red beam which widens with distance, at 20 metres the cone is 1 metre wide. Unlike the pin point accuracy required by a traditional unit; all you have to do is place the receiver inside of the metre wide "cone" of the beam and the alignment is done. At a distance of 20 metres this usually takes only 4 seconds. Within the cone, the detector in the receiver responds to only the extremely narrow part of the beam, which hits directly (as illustrated above), so there is no loss of accuracy when it comes to timing but a convenient and simplified set up.

  • Accurate to within 1/100th of a second
  • Meets national event standards
  • Free 12 month warranty (plus extended warranty)

The Equipment



LED Display

Control Panel


Carry Case

The answer is almost certainly YES. Dark Deer timers are suitable for any race or timed performance. As long as a moving body (animal or machine) can pass across the path of the infrared beam then accurate timing is possible. Uses include dog trials, horse shows/events, speed trials, races.

Yes you can use Dark Deer timers for all types of events.

Furthermore should something happen in the arena and your gates become misaligned for some reason, perhaps an obstruction, you can be alerted in the judging box and the problem can be rectified quickly without delaying the competition.

And it doesn't stop there

Should you require; these gates can be set with the "Allowed Time" for each phase then the system will calculate and display the time faults based on the actual times achieved.

The system is easy to use, easy to set up, easy to move, easy to store - and accurate.

You can make payment via bank transfer or online. Call 01456 476750 for assistance.

Standard kits will cover most situations; when required we can also offer BESPOKE INSTALLATIONS


£ 950


This system comprises of one timer control panel and two gates. The price does not include VAT and Postage.



- 1 Control Panel
- 2 Gates

£ 1320

Standard Plus

The standard plus system with 4 wind resilient tripods, usb charging station and protective carrycase. The price does not include VAT and Postage.



- 1 Control Panel
- 2 Gates
- 4 Tripods
- 8 port USB charging hub
- 1 protective carrycase

£ 2405

Standard Pro

The standard plus system AND a third gate with 3 feet by 1 feet indoor/outdoor LED timer display. The price does not include VAT and Postage.



- 1 Control Panel
- 3 Gates
- 6 Tripods
- 8 port USB charging hub
- 1 protective carrycase
- 3 foot LED Display


LED display

£ 925
  • The standard 3 foot display is viewable up to a distance of 100 metres. Larger display units are built to almost any size and can display up to 7 colours using high quality LEDs.

Tripod Stands

£ 40
  • Tripod stand with central "gravity hook" for improved defence against wind and minor accidental impact. Includes free tripod carry case. The price does not include VAT or Postage.

Power Inverter

£ 50
  • A 12 Volt DC to 240V AC Inverter for use with the external LED matrix display when there might be no mains power supply available. The price does not include VAT or postage.

Additional Gates

£ 300
  • A set of Timing Gates (2 per set). When added to your standard gate system it allows for Single and Two Phase competitions to be run. The price does not include VAT or Postage.

D.D. Clients

"We proudly and persistently serve you in the hope that we will meet your satisfaction every single time and if for some reason a mistake, or error is made we will be sure to resolve things as fast as we possibly can"