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"Dark Deer is working to improve horses lives and I want you to join us on this really exciting journey..."

"We are lucky to have such a special home at Dark Deer and I welcome you and your horses"

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The Dark Deer livery in Glen Urquhart is a DIY livery. Dark Deer do not provide any services to clients only stable and field livery. It is our preference to attract people who want to care for their own horses as this adds to the wonderful community that we enjoy at Dark Deer croft. However some of the Dark Deer staff do offer services to our livery clients on an independent basis so you should always be able to find a helping hand if you need them. Our focus is on happy horses and building a positive, supportive community of people.

A hands-on, enthusiastic, well meaning person is going to benefit the most from the Dark Deer experience with opportunities to meet like-minded people. For those horse owners who seek managed livery services, we are possibly not the right fit for you. You can use Dark Deer's livery as long as you are going to tend to your own horse(s) until such time that you have arranged for someone to manage these tasks for you.

The staff at Dark Deer are friendly and will be observing your horse's welfare as they go about their daily chores and will alert you to any problems that they might become aware of but your horse(s) remains your responsibilty entirely. Staff will also alert Dark Deer about any livery clients who are failing to meet basic welfare requirements.

We love horses and expect you to do the same. We also value our staff and current members and expect you to become a positive influence at the croft. If this sounds right for you then contact us about livery waiting lists today.

Did You Know: Dark Deer's Lessons, Clinics and Competitions are held onsite so as a livery client you won't have any extra travelling to do! Hay, haylage and straw are available to buy from the onsite Dark Deer Shop and a purpose-built car park is available which is conveniently positioned and suitable for trailers and lorries.

£25 per week paid monthly in advance.

£35 per week paid monthly in advance

D.D. Clients

"We proudly and persistently serve you in the hope that we will meet your satisfaction every single time and if for some reason a mistake, or error is made we will be sure to resolve things as fast as we possibly can"