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An Experienced Equestrian Sports and Livery Croft

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Dark Deer Services


Private lessons, bespoke courses and group hacks. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Competition Technology

Dark Deer provide world class technology to a variety of events, equestrian centres and riding instructors.

Dark Deer products include competition timers accurate to 1/100th of a second and electronic posture monitoring systems for competitive riders.

Dark Deer also lease management software to other equestrian centres.

Events, Trials, Shows

Special events are held by esteemed trainers and riders as well as competitions.

Livery, Support, Stables, 

Dark Deer are very proud to serve horse owners and horse enthusiasts around Scotland with our first class equestrian centre and friendly staff.

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The Timers
Management Software
Posture Correction


Dark deer have run successful clinics using renowned instructors including Stephen Cruikshank, BHSI. These have proved very popular with everyone who attended and there will be more clinics soon.

Showing & Competing

As well as training you and your horse to county level, Dark Deer can prepare, bath and trim your horse ready to show. Dark Deer provide competition ready riders for any size horse and pony or assist you prior to an event.


Dark Deer have comprehensive experience which covers all horse and pony disciplines. This enables us to take you, your horse or pony to whatever level you desire while still offering a fun and recreational environment for you to enjoy.

Dark Deer History

How we got to ...


The Croft

In 2010 Dark Deer moved from humble beginnings to Glen Urquhart and the transformation work began. The name Dark Deer came from the stream that runs through our croft. The croft consists of around 50 acres of meadowland and then another 50 acres of hill-land in very peaceful surroundings.

The Horses

As work continued on the croft and Paddocks were erected, Dark Deer sought the advice and support of experienced horse breeders and began to purchase their best mares, stallions and geldings for teaching and showing. This passion continues to this day.


The Livery

By 2011 the all weather arena and stables were complete and Dark Deer became an active livery with regular riding for both adults and children. The outdoor arena is conveniently positioned by the livery stables and yard with easy access to equipment and toilets. The arena is 50 x 30 metres and fully floodlit.


The Indoor School

In 2012 the indoor arena and school was established allowing clients to enjoy comfortable riding and jumping all-year-round. The indoor arena is 40 metres x 20 metres. The indoor centre includes the Dark Deer offices, community kitchen and viewing area. It has become a wonderful space for riders and events.


The Car Park

Dark Deer had become an important part of the local area and it's amazing how many lives can be positively affected by our horses and livery. In 2014 we started running clinics hosted by specialist experts such as William Fox-Pitt. It was at this time that we realised Dark Deer really needed a dedicated car park!

The Timers

During the same year Dark Deer successfully launched our popular event timers. Sales swiftly followed and have since made appearances at such prestigious events as the British Showjumping National Championships and were also adopted for streaming times LIVE at a major sporting event.



Dark Deer's PAVLOV prototype has been completed and passed the test trials with flying colours. The product was announced at the Royal Highland (2016) and the feedback and response was exciting. The overwhelming interest confirmed the industry's desire for such a training device and Dark Deer will be moving into production shortly.

The Software

Dark Deer are especially pleased to announce the completion of the beta test of the software app "Show Manager". This has been fully tested at four active equestrian sites and was a huge success. The software will be integrated with Dark Deer Timers with a special introductory offer to clients that already use our timers for events.

Are You Up-to-Date?

If you would like to continue being part of the Dark Deer story or you just want to know what is happening then join our mailing list online so that we can keep you up-to-date and informed. Members will get early notice to major events, lessons and opportunities.

Dark Deer are extremely proud of their success and consider themselves lucky to have worked alongside such great students, instructors and clients.

"Matthew Lawrence held the record for triple Supreme Champion title for Ridden Mountain and Moorland at Olympia. Mathew is equally successful showing coloured horses, ponies, riding horses, hunters and show cobs with wins at HOYS, Olympia and Royal International Horse Show. Considered one of the finest individuals in the showing world Mathew has plenty of knowledge to share with you and his lessons are highly desirable. Showing clinics at Dark Deer are held every year. Join the mailing list to be alerted 1st and ensure that your booking is accepted."

"Olympic medal winner William Fox-Pitt has represented his country consistently over the past 20 years and was the first British rider to become eventing's "World No 1". This is an impressive distinction that he achieved again in 2002, 2009, 2010 and 2014. Winning is a significant part of William Fox-Pitts career with achievements that have not been matched by any other rider. In 2011 William became the first rider to win a record six Burghley titles (on six different horses!) and became one of the first riders to win a CCI*, CCI** and CCI*** at the same event on the same day! It is fair to say that some of William's achievements are truly unprecedented. 14 CCI**** wins and an incredible 59 CCI three-day event wins. His achievements in the sport make him one of the most successful and respected British event riders of all time. As you would expect his Dark Deer Clinics are highly sought after and very good."

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